Diesel and Gas Power Generator Systems

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SMG is one of the top suppliers for power generation systems and equipment to companies in different regions across the globe. We procure and supply power generation equipment like energy power systems, heavy-duty power systems diesel generators, full power plants, and more in Australia and internationally.

We at SMG have added value to this industry by providing companies with the best and most cost-effective product solutions. We deal in products from the best diesel generator brands and other top manufacturers of power generation systems.

As a part of the power generation industry, we all are familiar with the trials and difficulties that come with the procurement and delivery of quality equipment, on time. We at SMG aim to tackle all these problems and provide solutions that facilitate smooth operation for all our clients.

We Nurture Customer Relationships

We at SMG aim to build lasting relationships with all our clients from the very moment they get in touch with us. We facilitate this by providing a range of engineering and support services for all generator power systems and other power generation equipment. We take the time to understand your needs and then offer the best solutions to fit your needs.

Furthermore, our services do not come to a stop with the delivery of your product. Our team of experts in power generation industry is always at your disposal to guide you through all the phases of the life of the power plant/ equipment.

We Minimize Cost

SMG has a wide network of top OEMs as well as aftermarket dealers, across industries and the globe. We aim to minimize your power generation industrial costs, by ensuring that you get the most appropriate product for your needs at the most competitive prices. This helps avoid any failure or other additional costs down the line.

Wide Range of Inventory

As one of the top suppliers of power system generation transmission and distribution equipment, we deal in equipment from a variety of makers. This includes manufacturers like Caterpillar, Cat, Liebherr, Siebtechnik, Kohler, Cummins, and others.

We procure and supply power generation equipment of a variety of models and sizes. Our list of inventory includes (but is not limited to):

  • Gas generator sets
  • Diesel generator sets
  • Mobile generator sets
  • Generator power systems
  • New generator power systems
  • Kohler power system generator
  • Caterpillar power generation systems
  • Cat power systems
  • 30kva generator
  • 60kva generator
  • Onsite energy generator
  • Onsite power system
  • Balers
  • Boilers
  • Autoclaves
  • Agitators.
  • Centrifuges
  • Compressors
  • Incinerators
  • Magnets
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Tanks
  • Machine tools
  • Lab equipment.

Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel generators are one of the most widely used machines in the power generation industry. They convert the chemical energy in diesel into electric energy. Diesel generators we supply are built for high efficiency and comply with global emission standards.

The variety of diesel generator manufacturers and types we deal in includes:

  • Cat portable diesel generator
  • Diesel generator set
  • Silent diesel generators
  • 20kva diesel generator
  • 20kva 3 phase diesel generator
  • Digital power systems diesel generator
  • Diesel Genset
  • Perkin diesel generator
  • Perkins standby diesel generator
  • John Deere diesel generators
  • Marine diesel generator
  • Small marine diesel generator


We deal with many other industrial as well as commercial diesel generators and used diesel generators. We also facilitate diesel generator rental to help minimize your diesel generator costs.

Gas Generator Sets

Gas generators as the name suggests are generators that produce power by using varied gases as a source of fuel. We procure and supply gas generator sets ranging between 50 to 12125kVa, in a single unit. Our team is equipped to help you choose the best-fit gas generator set for you needs.

Mobile Generator Sets

Mobile generator sets are essential for the business that need continuous and reliable electric supply. We deal in a variety of mobile generator sets that facilitate operations even in the most remote of locations.