Dewatering Pumps and Parts

Dewatering Pumps & Parts | Centrifugal / Submersible Pumps for Construction / Mining Industry

SMG has been one of the top global suppliers of heavy duty pumps and related equipment, helping global entities in meeting all their dewatering system needs efficiently for about 20 years. We understand that every site is different and every industry has its own set of regulatory requirements and thus provide a wide range of quality dewatering pumps and parts that will surely meet all your specific needs.

SMG has successfully created a universal network of procurement and supply of the best dewatering system, high-capacity dewatering pumps, construction water pump, and more. We operate with the sole aim of providing trustworthy, secure, and top-of-the-line solutions to your needs. Dealing with only established and proven dewatering pump manufacturers and dealers helps us be sure of the integrity of the products we supply.

Team SMG plans everything meticulously and with great attention to detail. This is how we strike the perfect balance between meeting all your needs related to dewatering pump and related equipment and providing the best quality products, at the least possible prices.

Dewatering Pumps by SMGHE

What is Dewatering?

Dewatering is an integral function of many industries like construction, mining, tunneling, quarrying, industrial, etc. It is the system of removal of wastewater, rainwater, groundwater, or other fluids from a site. In the mining industry, dewatering also refers to the removal of water from particles/minerals or ores.

The Importance of Dewatering

The uses and importance of dewatering vary, depending upon the respective industry. Usually, dewatering helps in removing water or fluid that otherwise renders a site wet and unsafe for work. Through dewatering activities, we make sure that the soil (or land) of the excavated site is completely dry. Thus eliminating the possibility of any erosion or mishap on the construction/ mining/ worksite.

Wide Range of Cost-Effective Solutions

We know that proper dewatering is critical to maintaining the safety of a worksite. One needs to consider a lot of things when deciding which type of dewatering pump to use. Our team has expertise in all facets of water management and dewatering. They are hence fit to help you ascertain the best dewatering pump for your applications.

We first conduct an in-depth analysis of your operations and requirements. Based on that, we suggest solutions that are not only a perfect fit for you but are also safe and reliable. We also ensure that the dewatering system complies with all the regulatory requirements.

Our team works tirelessly, to provide low maintenance but high-performance solutions to all our clients, at the best prices. Our network of manufacturers and dealers helps us in procuring even the rarest parts & products and deliver them to any corner of the world.

We deal in a variety of:

  • Submersible dewatering pump 
  • Centrifugal dewatering pump
  • Well point dewatering system
  • Portable dewatering pumps
  • Electric dewatering pumps
  • Diesel dewatering pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Displacement pump
  • Open-pit mine dewatering pumps
  • Slurry submersible pumps
  • High volume & high head pumps
  • Close impeller & undercarriage
  • Jetting pumps
  • Reciprocating piston-type pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Open impeller
  • Drainage center-line pumps
  • Atlas Copco pumps
  • Helical rotor pumps

Did not find what you were looking for on the list? Don’t worry! SMG is very well capable of arranging any dewatering equipment that you may require if that’s not mentioned above.

We offer a wide variety of industrial dewatering pumps for sale that will be delivered to you in time, every time. If you are looking for something more economical, you can also get a dewatering pump on hire.