Hitachi Articulated Trucks Parts

Hitachi Articulated Truck Parts

New Aftermarket Articulated Truck Parts | Hitachi Articulated Truck Parts Used and Rebuilt


Hitachi Articulated Truck Replacement Parts are provided by SMG Heavy Equipment Trading at very competitive price. We have parts starting from part No AH250, EH1700-3, R90 and much more. The range of availability is not limited to the ones given in the below list. You can contact us with specific requirement.

Just give us a call or write to us and we will get back to you with the availability and best price in the market.

AH250D AH300D AH350D AH400D
AH500DE1700 EH1000 EH1100
EH1100-3 EH1100-5EH1600 EH1700
EH1700-3 EH3000 EH3500EH3500 AC-2
EH3500 AC-3 EH4000 AC-3 EH4000 AC-II EH4500-2
EH5000EH5000 AC-2 EH5000 AC-3 EH600
EH700-2EH750-2 EH750-3 HD1500-7
HD325-7HD405-7 HD465-8 HD605-8
HD785-7HM300-5 HM400-5 R35
R50 R85B R90